international development studies

Anyone who wants to make a difference in this world, but the challenges seem daunting, can join the global development curriculum to identify global issues and equip skills and tools for development around the world.
At its most fundamental level, international development aims to improve the quality of life, to establish intercultural understanding, to achieve global citizenship, civic participation and leadership in a global context. It seeks to achieve human security, secure conditions, resources and trends, and support active organizations. To enable people to lead a prosperous, healthy, productive and satisfying collective life.
Global development is a multidisciplinary field of study. It teaches a wide range of topics, including the conditions and means to provide external assistance and ways to reduce poverty, mainly by supporting social entrepreneurship and providing basic services such as health, education, safety and nutrition. This specialization helps to acquire the skills most in demand in the job market, such as communication skills, community participation, time management, critical thinking and problem solving. In addition, the conceptual and research skills developed help students to collect and analyze data from a multidisciplinary perspective. Relevant courses include: comparative political systems, non-profit sector management, social institution building, entrepreneurship, business statistics, economics, global health issues and law global
Students who choose this specialization have various career options, such as working in non-governmental and governmental organizations and in global agencies to coordinate and deliver humanitarian services and empowerment programs, such as the WHO, planning agencies, relief agencies, regional planning councils and resource management agencies. Job titles include: Environmental Planner, Geographic Information Analyst, Global Marketing Researcher, Public Health Management Officer, Public Policy Analyst, Resettlement Support Officer, Rural Planning Coordinator, Transportation Planner, researcher in urban planning, etc.

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