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“Economic Growth and Sustainable Development in Arab Countries: Economic Dimensions” (448 pages large) is the second of three scientific research papers presented at a specialized conference organized by the Arab Center for Research and Policy in 2012 The studies presented in this section deal with economic dimensions. From subject.

Why has development remained a real problem in Arab countries, even though the indicators of economic growth have not diminished? The question requires a review of the development situation in the Arab countries in recent decades to identify the problem in its economic, social and political dimensions. The problem is that Arab development policies need to be re-examined in the absence of a competent country that can meet the challenges of sustainable development by conceptualizing the relationship between the ruler and the ruled in order to overcome social and cultural barriers. political and economic. The state plays a role in many areas if it establishes stable steps leading to the transition from the “profitable” model to the “productive” model and the necessary changes in labor recruitment, system modification culture and education and improvement of income distribution and social protection.

The imbalance of the social contract between the state and citizens has undermined the foundations of stability and peace in a number of Arab countries and pushed people to the streets and demand some kind of appropriate control and transparency. legal rules, raise the standard of living and ensure a decent life.

The book addresses the economic dimensions of sustainable development, the role of the state in the development process, the importance of science and technology in this area, and the issue of corruption, indebtedness and corruption. other topical and vital topics. Ahmed Abu Zaid, Ahmad Baalbaki, Esra Dannoun, Hassan Dayed, Hassan Ali, Khaled Al Tamimi, Sabah Al Hallaq, Abdul Rahman Al Tamimi, Abdul Aziz Gohar, Imad Jahloul, Karima Karim, Antoine Zahlan and Thanaa Abdallah participated in the preparation of his papers. Zuhair Hamdi, Taher Kanaan, Ali Abdel Qader Ali, Omar Razzaz, Mohammed Abdel Shafi Issa, Murad Diani and Munther Khaddam.

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